Medical Practice Sales, Appraisal and Financing

Medical Practice Sales, Appraisal and Financing

Is your appraiser certified? Our appraisers hold multiple credentials which are recognized under the qualified appraiser guidelines set forth by the IRS, SBA, and US Department of Labor.

Our qualified team of experts has developed an independent medical practice appraisal service designed to provide objective, reliable information on the value of healthcare professional practices. Our medical practice appraisers and valuation analysts apply deep knowledge and technical expertise in determining fair market value for your medical practice. Utilizing accepted standards of value and specific understanding of medical market dynamics enable us to provide accurate practice valuations. Appraisals are used for various purposes including:

  • Sale of a medical practice
  • Partner buy-in or buy-out
  • Medical practice merger or consolidation
  • Practice financing
  • Divorce, estate, tax, or financial planning
  • Practice performance evaluation and analysis

A medical practice may be one of your most valuable assets, making the accurate determination of its value especially critical. Why rely on unsubstantiated rules of thumb, inaccurate multiples, and questionable comparable transactions to determine value?

Medical Practice Appraisers is directed by Christopher Majdi, MSHCA, CHBC, CBA, AVA.  Mr. Majdi holds a Master of Science in Health Care Administration and is a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant, Certified Business Appraiser, and an Accredited Valuation Analyst. He is a member of the Institute of Business Appraisers, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, and the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants. Mr. Majdi has extensive real-world experience in the valuation of professional healthcare practices. His experience as a deal-maker adds a realistic, market-based point of view to valuing such entities. He also conducts original research using relevant market data; Mr. Majdi is currently completing a quantitative analysis of goodwill intangible asset values within healthcare professional practices.

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