Seller Testimonial - Dental Practice Torrance, CA

I had owned my practice for 5 years and 6 months after I decided to sell my practice due to my personal reason. When I purchased the practice, it was a practice that I almost started from the scratch so the transition was very easy. I had never owned a practice before this one, and therefore I had no idea how to sell my practice. I didn't know that I had to appraise my practice before I came up with the right selling price. One day, I called Charles Kim, and he came to my office the same day. He never pushed me or gave me any pressure, but listened to my for more than an hour. I felt the trust in him. The way he talks to people was very wholehearted, and understanding as he himself used to be a dentist. He did 99% of work, and all I had to do was to provide the documents that he requested. Guess what? I have sold my practice with the first dentist who looked at my practice and at a price that we both never thought about. Mr.Kim is very careful and detail oriented person. His advice was the best one, and the result was superior. - Sun Y. Kim, DDS