Optometry Practice Managment - Winning new patients depends on your value proposition

Many optometry practices take a haphazard approach to marketing. Here's a perspective on an approach called a value proposition, "or the sum total of all the benefits a practice promises the patient in exchange for the fees he or she will be charged. The ratio of benefits to fees is what will establish the value of visiting your practice in the eye-care consumer's mind (Optometry Times, De Gennaro, 2009)." Click the linked quote for the full article from the Optometry Times.


There is much which can be done beyond basic marketing and advertising to expose a practice to a larger base of patients. De Gennaro explains quite aptly, that the full patient experience is what allows a vision care practice to gain and retain market share. One strategy which I have seen applied in other successful healthcare practices, is the cultivation of a mission and vision that can dovetail well into an overall marketing strategy.